XRAY T4’18 Elektro Touring Car aus dem Hause XRAY

XRAY T4’18 Elektro Touring CAR im Massstab 1/10

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Features | XRAY T4’18 

• All-new ULP (Ultra Low Profile) shocks with 4mm lower design for improved stability

• All-new ultra-low profile ULP shock towers to accommodate new ULP (Ultra Low Profile) shocks

• All-new chassis design with new motor mount plate position for further flex adjustment and motor moved more to center

• All-new top redesigned top deck works with the new layshaft bulkheads and motor mount which moves motor more to center

• All-new motor mount plate features new extra rearmost holes for improved traction and further flex adjustment

• All-new motor mount decreases the chassis roll with motor position more to center

• All-new in-line chassis flex set-up options

• All-new ECS drive shafts are 51mm long for optimized steering and stability